When should I get advice from a lawyer?

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It is always okay to seek independent legal advice. Remember that you can ask for advice from a lawyer without hiring them to represent you. It is always a good idea to get independent legal advice before signing a document.

Only a lawyer can provide legal advice. None of the programs provided by the Family Law Centre offer legal advice. The Family Law Navigator does not provide legal advice. 

Here are some options outside of the Family Law Centre:

What is a parenting plan, and how can it help my family?

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A parenting plan is an agreement between parents about how they will make decisions for their children and how they will spend time with their children.  

Parenting plans set out expectations and responsibilities for parenting. Making a parenting plan can be helpful for you, your co-parent, and your children.

Child-Focused Parenting Plan Mediation is a free program that helps families to make a parenting plan. In this program, parents meet with a mediator who helps them reach an agreement.